Follow-up: Artificial Lighting

A couple weeks ago, I posted a freshly-brewed review of the LumiQuest 80/20 strobe diffuser/reflector accessory for shoe-mounted flashes. I had purchased an 80/20 to use aboard a rented Canon Speedlite 580EX, and the results (at the 50th-anniversary party that I photographed the following day) were wonderful.

Lately, in parallel with my expanding photographic interests, I’ve been watching a couple of photography blogs, namely Digital Outback Photo and The Online Photographer. Both are excellent streams filled with commentary, experiences and quality references to other sites.

One such reference that I’ve enjoyed exploring thoroughly is Strobist, a combination web site and blog that’s 100% dedicated to the virtues of using small, inexpensive strobe units to create unique and effective photographic lighting arrangements. Between regular updates and a comprehensive series of tutorials on all manner of equipment, accessories and techniques, this site is a gem.

I’m looking forward to adding more photographs and more equipment reviews here at, too – the first of which will, I hope, be some head-to-head comparisons of Canon vs. Tokina pro-series lenses. Now if only I could get a few more items ticked off my wish-list! 🙂

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