LumiQuest 80/20 Review

With my first paid photo-gig coming up tomorrow, I’ve added another relatively little piece of photographic equipment to my collection: a LumiQuest 80/20 flash diffuser/reflector. This little gizmo attaches to your hot-shoe mounted flash unit (oriented in ceiling-bounce position) and mixes the diffuse bounced light with a little bit of direct light. The effect is nice, so I’ll definitely be using the 80/20 (along with a LumiQuest SoftBox on a radio-slave flash) tomorrow for my friend’s anniversary party.

The results were pretty easy to see and comment on, so I figured I’d try doing something totally new: write a Review of the LumiQuest 80/20! It’s permalinked on the right side under “Pages” for your continued enjoyment…

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