Month: November 2008

The Weekend…Starts Here

Just arrived home from work, and as has been my custom of late, Fatboy Slim’s The Weekend Starts Here is rolling through Amarok and tumbling from my computer’s speakers. Kelly and I are planning on trying out Sakura Home tonight; it’s a nearby Japanese restaurant that’s opened recently. I’ll bring the Coolpix along and grab a few nonchalant snaps with… Read more →

Lots doin’

Ahh, so many things to blog about, and so little time. Between an early arrival for winter weather here in upstate NY, packed evenings every night this week, adventures with door locks and kitchen sink spray hoses, and adventures in computer land, there’s been no shortage of bloggable material. What there has been a shortage of is time. Hitting closest… Read more →

Newsflash: Dave falls off wagon

OK, so barring my [somewhat justifiable] late start, it seems I’ve missed a NaBloPoMo day. [*sniff*] We all have our weak moments. I guess mine was after mawing a large amount of turkey chili, hanging up a bicycle from our garage rafters, and subsequently watching several episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force with Pauley. After a short night’s sleep and… Read more →

Christmas for Thanksgiving?

I’d be interesting to learn whether there’s actually a measurable trend in retail, wherein the Christmas decorations and music hit the store a day or so earlier each year. During a stop at the Waterloo outlet mall earlier today, Kelly and I heard Christmas carols playing in nearly every store we visited – and it’s barely halfway through November! I… Read more →

Glenn Beck book signing

I don’t often get a chance to listen to Glenn Beck‘s radio show (that pesky work thing gets in the way) and I have yet to read his new book, The Christmas Sweater. But when I got the call last night that he’d be at our local Borders bookstore this morning, the title of this post is probably a pretty… Read more →

You might be a geek if…

…you have the day off from work …and it’s 65° and sunny outside …and perfect weather for driving fast on back roads …or riding one’s bike …or hiking …or pretty much doing anything outdoors …and you spend the entire day effin’ coding. Of course, I did spend about 90 minutes pounding the mountain bike last night, and everything is still… Read more →

itty bitty

Seems a lot of news hit the wire today about itty bitty computers… Canonical, sponsor and parent company of the stellar Ubuntu Linux distribution (on which I’m writing this post), announced that they’ll be providing a fully-supported, full-fledged desktop OS for ARM7 processors. Most people don’t exactly jump out of their skin on hearing news like that, but it’s an… Read more →