this year’s Christmas movie

Seems like every Christmas over the last few years, we’ve gravitated toward one particular holiday-themed film. Last year, it was The Family Stone. The year before … well … is a little hazy. Maybe The Holiday?

This year, my brother Andy recommended a film via instant messenger a few days before he arrived home for Thanksgiving… Joyeux Noël. After I checked out the trailer and it looked promising, we decided to nab it on our next trip to the video store.

That trip happened Saturday night, and we checked out the film along with Jason. The story is set during WW1, on France’s Western front. Though most of the script is in French or German, the subtitling isn’t too intrusive – and the lingual variation throughout lends an authenticity that most films lack.

All critiqueyness aside, this film ended up as Kelly and my “Christmas pick” for 2008, quite simply, because it’s heartwarming. The story – which reflects events that actually happened in trenches all over Western Europe – contrasts the world’s coldness with the warmth of humanity. That made me feel good – and I guess that’s what I look for in movies at Christmas time.

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