the real black friday

Today, the United Auto Workers union proved that greed is still alive and well, and it’s going to make for one hell of a black friday:

The UAW, displaying its true colors like never before, refused to accept immediate cuts in wages and benefits that would have put its members on a par with workers at Toyota and Honda plants in the south.

No! The UAW has a contract that runs through 2011, president Ron Gettelfinger insisted, and no concessions will be forthcoming before that!

Fine, said Senate Republicans. Good luck to you, sir. No “bridge loan.” Good luck collecting your posh wages and benefits from companies in Chapter 11, fellas.

It’s only my long-held personal opinion, but as an employee whose job is on the line because of the UAW’s greed, I think it’s high time The General kicked them to the curb. We’ve got plenty of inventory (after all, car sales are in the worst slump in half-a-century) and – at least according to Rick Wagoner’s congressional testimony – we’re a few weeks from closing up shop anyway, so the time has come to part ways with the UAW. US jobless claims are higher than they’ve been in decades, so there are plenty of non-union people looking for work. Let’s show this Nation what the auto industry can really do to throw off the baggage of the past: Halt production, hire a new workforce, spend a few months training them, and hand the import manufacturers their asses on a platter.

OK, I need to go do some yoga or some breathing exercises or meditate or something.

(Hat tip: Northstar Writers Group)

  3 comments for “the real black friday

  1. Doug Rea
    December 12, 2008 at 7:58 am

    I totally concur. I’m not saying that management, design, QC, etc. haven’t been factors, but the UAW has the stranglehold. It truly is BLACK FRIDAY!

  2. fluffy
    December 12, 2008 at 11:34 am

    Why didn’t I concur??
    I wish the general would grow some balls like that, even if it means we would be putting hoards of people out of work. But where’s the other long term solution?
    Oh yeah…Isn’t the world supposed to, like, end in 2012?

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