WordPress App for Android?

Being an unapologetic Android fanatic, and a blogger who enthusiastically uses WordPress, and considering I’m under 5 days away from getting my first Android-powered device, I guess it’s only natural that I’d do a little poking around and see if there’s a WordPress app for Android. After all, they support iPhone and Blackberry, right?

Yet despite the secretive-looking protected blog façade at android.wordpress.org, which would tend to imply something’s in the works, there doesn’t seem to be an official WordPress app for Android. Searching the help sections at wordpress.org and wordpress.com reveals little, though there are a couple of third party apps aimed at using the WordPress XML-RPC feature to enable posting from Android devices.

And then, in the midst of watching a UI demo video for the forthcoming Sony Ericsson XPERIA “Rachael” device, which runs Android, I noticed a very official-looking WordPress app in the demo unit’s main menu!


The video from which I grabbed this image isn’t new – it was posted way back in July – so if the app that I’ve highlighted above really is official, they’ve been working on it for a while. That said, it could just be a placeholder, or some manner of concept marketing fluff, or any number of other, not-anywhere-near-official things. Also, if you squint through my selective blurring, you’ll see that “DroidWord” also inhabits this particular menu – and I think most of us will agree that’s pretty far-fetched! But in the case that Sony has given us a brief glimpse of an official WordPress blogging app for Android, I’m hoping its release comes soon – perhaps alongside the release of the first few devices to feature Android 2.0?!

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