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Shralp the Gnar

I planned to get back to our hotel around 6PM – leaving plenty of time to take Kelly to see Red Rocks Park and stand on-stage at the ampitheater made legendary (at least to us) by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, among others. Instead, in a dirt-filled rental car, toting a half-functioning rented Ellsworth mountain bike covered with red-clay mud… Read more →

Saddle Time

I’ve made a somewhat startling realization this week: Beginning July 15th, I’ll be participating in some sort of organized cycling event every weekend for a solid month. On the 15th, I’ll be kicking off the craziness with a ride in the 6th Annual Fat Tire Festival at our area’s definitive singletrack destination, Dryer Road Park. But that’s just a warm… Read more →

24 Hours To Go…

Right around this time tomorrow morning, I should be biting into my second lap around the Fat Tire Festival course. And at the moment, it appears there will only be two laps in the race; an embarrassed-sounding e-mail from GROC, yesterday, revised the lap count back to last year’s tally. So, 10 miles of pedals, brakes, dirt and lactic acid…here we… Read more →

Fat Tire Festival: Training Ride 6

…another post in a series of updates on Fat Tire Festival training rides. This update will be brief, as my alarm is set – by necessity – to an ungodly hour tomorrow. Got the hydration pack all fixed up, tossed some Clif Bloks in my pocket and headed out for my final Fat Tire training ride. Three laps, 1 hour and… Read more →

Fat Tire Festival: Training Ride 5, Take 2

…another post in a series of updates on Fat Tire Festival training rides. If today’s ride can be summed up in one word, I would have trouble choosing between “calamity” and “trainwreck” … It started off with my skipping the usual route through the sports fields, since some sort of day camp had transposed several hundred kids onto them. My start… Read more →

Training Ride 5 – Thanks, but no

This… …is not what I had in mind for Fat Tire training ride 5. We don’t get to control the weather on race-day, and that’s a perfectly good reason to go train in the rain, but with the amount of water hitting the ground today, I’d rather not tear up the trails. This weekend will bring a 45-mile skinny-tire hike… Read more →

Fat Tire Festival: Training Ride 4

…another post in a series of updates on Fat Tire Festival training rides. Far more prepared for a ride than when I set out on #3, yesterday’s training ride went surprisingly well – despite the 96° temperature outside! I made sure to prehydrate before hand, and took some extra time to stretch. Ride #4 was my first two-lap attempt. Training Ride… Read more →

Fat Tire Festival: Training Ride 3

…another post in a series of updates on Fat Tire Festival training rides. After a day preceded by too much pizza consumption, and that included too little water intake, I tried for a lap around the recently-changed Fat Tire cross country course… Training Ride 3 Date: July 1st, 2010 Time: 31:36 Rundown: After the course changed, I managed to miss… Read more →

Fat Tire Training: and Welcome To It.

A few days ago, my dear friend Jason e-mailed to remind me that the annual Fat Tire Festival bike race is just a few weeks away… Considering how last year’s race went (hint for the impatient: I came in 54th, and 12th in my class/age-group at 1:10:33), I figure this year I should probably do a little training to prepare… Read more →