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Posts about all things automotive. Might be talk about car companies, cars, alternative fuel or my experiences working for General Motors. Could also include completely immature mockeries of funny-looking cars, and the like.

The Dad Wave

To get an idea of how I feel about fathers, it helps to know what I drive. There’s a story in this, but it doesn’t start where you might think… A Subaru WRX – a very powerful, very fast station wagon – lives on my side of the garage. We bought it several years before I became a dad, but… Read more →

Over the Transom

It wasn’t that long ago that our family owned a boat. We’re not exactly “pleasure boating” types, so it wasn’t the sexiest boat on the lake, but it got us out to fish, water ski and cruise the Finger Lakes in 17 feet of aluminum-skinned, charcoal-carpeted luxury. It was comfortable, functional and reliable, and as aluminum boats go, I’ve yet… Read more →