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Technobabble, attributable to the fact that I’m an electrical engineer and a Linux poster child.

What comes after Inbox Zero

It seems like certain tools in our lives have a tendency to morph into lifestyles, obsessions, or even whip-wielding captors (complete with Stockholm Syndrome) over time. I can think of few better-suited examples of this than E-Mail… Most of us have an almost Pavlovian reaction to incoming e-mail when we’re at work, and thanks to smartphones, Blackberries and webmail portals, we… Read more →

Mark Dery mind-meld

Rarely, in the gargantuan literary spittoon of the Internet and the “blogosphere”, I find someone who has said something that I really wanted to say, except in far greater form and with a better vocabulary. When it comes to expressing my frustration in web-culture’s obsession with oversharing, Mark Dery might as well have taken a transcript of my occasional, staccato,… Read more →


Well, comrades, it’s almost here. Seems like it wasn’t that long ago I was getting excited about the arrival of Ubuntu 9.10, and here we are at Ubuntu’s next big milestone. Despite the fact that few, if any, of those I know or who read this blog will make the switch, but I’ll tell you why I’m excited anyway… Sadly,… Read more →

Use Skype on your Droid … with Wifi!

This morning, the fine folks at Verizon and Skype unleashed their first attempt at an “official” joint-venture application for Skype on smartphones – including Verizon’s Android-powered offerings. Given the anticipation that’s been brewing, installing the newly-released app was the first thing I did after pulling my Droid from its cradle today. Unfortunately, seeing the official Skype Mobile application waiting for… Read more →

The Renaissance of Hobby Electronics

In 1947, the Heathkit company – a formerly-bankrupt aircraft manufacturer – introduced its first electronic kit. The $39.50 oscilloscope became a best seller, a dozen years after the company’s new owners bought Heath for a whopping $300. Back then, hobbyists built ham radios, black-and-white TVs and hi-fi sets from vacuum tubes, soldering fiberglass circuit boards together with glowing guns from… Read more →