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Life Profundities – Dave Rea

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The Dad Wave

To get an idea of how I feel about fathers, it helps to know what I drive. There’s a story in this, but it doesn’t start where you might think… A Subaru WRX – a very powerful, very fast station wagon – lives on my side of the garage. We bought it several years before I became a dad, but… Read more →

Playing Catch-Up…

Wow…no posts in over a year… With the lights flickering back on over at Buzzardo.com, it might be high time for some new posts to appear here, too. Since that last post, in May 2012, a lot has happened: I became a daddy… …and probably some other stuff too, but I’m too tired to remember much of it, much less… Read more →

Shralp the Gnar

I planned to get back to our hotel around 6PM – leaving plenty of time to take Kelly to see Red Rocks Park and stand on-stage at the ampitheater made legendary (at least to us) by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, among others. Instead, in a dirt-filled rental car, toting a half-functioning rented Ellsworth mountain bike covered with red-clay mud… Read more →

Saturday Morning Tuneage: Once in a Lifetime

They say that coincidence is when God works a miracle and chooses to remain anonymous, and that serendipity is the art of making an unsought finding. And if there’s ever a time that you want these sorts of things to happen, it’s when you’re trying to piece together a special weekend to celebrate your wedding anniversary. As it happened, Kelly… Read more →

Kick-ass Can-do

Yeah, I know, I fell off the Project52 wagon. Things have been just a wee bit busy, and I’ll leave the bellyaching to that. Why? Because in this day and age when it seems like the vast majority of people would rather spend time dreaming up reasons why they can’t do this or that, there’s a never-say-die amputee somewhere out… Read more →

Boxes of Very Important Things

Visually-deemphasized, marginally-interesting note: This is DaveRea.com’s 500th post! As if you cared! Woohoo! As I recall, it was the early ’90s, I was somewhere between age 10 and the threshold of teen-aged, and was developing an appreciation for the value of loose change. Loose change could buy you baseball cards or candy at the corner store. Loose change could be… Read more →

Life, the the NaBloPoMo and Everything

The end of October has arrived, and as surely as tonight will bring scores of trick-or-treating young’ns to many, tomorrow will bring the start of NaBloPoMo to the blogosphere. For those who didn’t (wait…who wouldn’t?!) watch the DaveRea.com NaBloPoMo escapades last November, or who just don’t wanna click the link, NaBloPoMo is the National Blog Posting Month, where bloggers with… Read more →