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Another year begins

It’s that time again – time to “ring in the new year” and celebrate the kickoff of the next 365 days. There will be champagne, noisemakers, food and silly hats. There will be counting and ball-dropping and kissing. With any luck, it’ll be the last year whose double-consecutive-zeros appear in countless pairs of novelty glasses. There are plenty of bloggers… Read more →

Over the Transom

It wasn’t that long ago that our family owned a boat. We’re not exactly “pleasure boating” types, so it wasn’t the sexiest boat on the lake, but it got us out to fish, water ski and cruise the Finger Lakes in 17 feet of aluminum-skinned, charcoal-carpeted luxury. It was comfortable, functional and reliable, and as aluminum boats go, I’ve yet… Read more →

Zwei Jahre

It’s been a busy weekend! In the space of three days, we’ve managed to traverse most of central New York, from home to Hammondsport to Canandaigua to Syracuse and back again. Eating seemed to be the primary theme – whether or it was at a cookout at my parents’ place, or a lakeside dinner for two at Snug Harbor, breakfast-in-bed… Read more →

unintentional emulation

Chuck Kimmerle: An excellent landscape/fine-art photographer: When I look at Chuck’s photos – especially those of old farm machinery and agricultural structures – I almost get a sense of deja-vu in recalling photos that I’ve taken in the past. Growing up a photo-brat on the dividing line between sprawling suburbia and endless farmland, there were ample subjects to be… Read more →

4 seasons later

It’s hard to believe a year has come and gone… But surreal as it may seem, this past weekend Kelly and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. The weather was perfect, the plans panned out just right, and all things considered I think we set the bar at a good level for anniversaries-to-come… Photos are posted… Wild Hearts Cruise Note… Read more →


No, it’s not a Volkswagen. But there is a turbo under the hood. And a 2.8L V6. Long-time readers of (wait, I have those?) can probably remember all the venting (ok, well, outright bitching) I’ve done here when it came to my good ‘ol Oldsmobile Intrigue. Between the transmission problems, electrical gremlins (most-likely somewhat self-induced), and “gonna-think-for-you” climate control,… Read more →

part of something

To some degree, even if it’s only a tiny sliver of their personality, I think everyone wants to be part of something big. Maybe it’s just a facet of human nature – some people just seem genetically predisposed to being in-the-know. The more outgoing among them write gossip columns. And the introverts? They’re frequently among the hundreds (or sometimes thousands)… Read more →