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The Polarizing Truth: Why Your TWSBI Eco Won’t Break

Thankfully, debates about fountain pens rarely reach chair-throwing intensity. Occasionally, though, a topic comes along that’s tougher to unpack than aesthetic preference or writing experience. Something that gnaws at us, stubbornly refusing to yield a root cause, leaving us to build opinions on mounds of anecdotal evidence… The durability of TWSBI’s acrylic fountain pens is a prime example. Some peoples’ TWSBIs break.… Read more →

Reverence: Pens, Ink and Friends at My First Pen Show

Peering into the hotel banquet room, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My blue name sticker freshly pressed onto my shirt, I had stepped off a commuter jet into a rain-soaked Atlanta spring day just an hour or so earlier. Would anyone recognize me? The introvert in me quietly pleaded: Please, go back up to the room…This place is overwhelming! The banquet room – the smaller of two,… Read more →

Putting Indxd Out Into the World: A Warm Welcome

Just under three weeks ago, I pressed “go” on a new web application called Indxd – a simple tool for notebook users that keeps track of which books contain which topics, and makes them searchable. While I’ve built a few niche web apps for friends, and I design electronics for a living, Indxd is the first solo project I’ve put out on the web.… Read more →

Introducing Indxd: A Digital Tool for Analog Writers

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed a handwriting revolution. Endless promises of a “paperless future” have fizzled, and people are re-discovering the simple analog joy of writing things down! The result? We’re filling up more notebooks, journals and planners than we likely have in decades. We need a way to catalog our analog notes, sketches, events, doodles and ideas –… Read more →