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…Because I’m [sometimes] a random guy!

A Lake, Two Decades & A Quiet Revolution

Beginning well before I was born, my family spent a week’s vacation each summer at a rented cottage on Keuka Lake. It formed my definition of idyllic: endless cannonballs off the sun-faded wooden dock, skipping stones across glass-smooth water at twilight. Sparkling, sun-bathed mornings spent dangling night crawlers for perch. Afternoons curled, reading, in oversized chairs. Nights of whispers and… Read more →

Gift “To-Dont’s” for Your Geek

It’s Christmas, and you’ve got a geek in your life. Congratulations! Maybe you’re a new boyfriend or girlfriend, bewildered by your love interest’s tech savvy, or maybe you’re a parent whose progeny has recently taken a sharp turn toward geekdom. Perhaps, on the flip-side, your long-time significant-other has always been a geek, leading to endless gift-giving frustration. In any case,… Read more →

Shralp the Gnar

I planned to get back to our hotel around 6PM – leaving plenty of time to take Kelly to see Red Rocks Park and stand on-stage at the ampitheater made legendary (at least to us) by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, among others. Instead, in a dirt-filled rental car, toting a half-functioning rented Ellsworth mountain bike covered with red-clay mud… Read more →

Saddle Time

I’ve made a somewhat startling realization this week: Beginning July 15th, I’ll be participating in some sort of organized cycling event every weekend for a solid month. On the 15th, I’ll be kicking off the craziness with a ride in the 6th Annual Fat Tire Festival at our area’s definitive singletrack destination, Dryer Road Park. But that’s just a warm… Read more →

When Green Means Tunnel Vision…

(Happy Earth Day everyone…) Occasionally, staunch environmentalists make a good point or two. But in many cases, despite their enthusiasm for the term “sustainability”, they’re just not willing to look at the big picture. Case in point? Greenpeace recently released a scorecard for the “green-ness” of datacenters operated by the world’s cloud computing behemoths. Here it is: “So what’s the… Read more →

I couldn’t agree more

Harvard Business Review: “Big Content” is Strangling American Innovation When you want to foster innovation, a good place to start is to look at who’s putting up roadblocks to it. The most reliable answers lately? Government, deep-rooted and deep-pocketed existing industries, and those who are out to extort an easy buck from others’ hard work. So that logic, I suppose,… Read more →