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Stuff I’ve done…

Shralp the Gnar

I planned to get back to our hotel around 6PM – leaving plenty of time to take Kelly to see Red Rocks Park and stand on-stage at the ampitheater made legendary (at least to us) by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, among others. Instead, in a dirt-filled rental car, toting a half-functioning rented Ellsworth mountain bike covered with red-clay mud… Read more →

Saddle Time

I’ve made a somewhat startling realization this week: Beginning July 15th, I’ll be participating in some sort of organized cycling event every weekend for a solid month. On the 15th, I’ll be kicking off the craziness with a ride in the 6th Annual Fat Tire Festival at our area’s definitive singletrack destination, Dryer Road Park. But that’s just a warm… Read more →

An Unusual Linux Experience

There was a time when you could query nearly any Linux user and learn about all sorts of things that couldn’t be done under Linux. Whether it was the latest digital camera, a quirky scanner driver, a proprietary video card or a problematic printer, it seemed using Linux-based operating systems was an uphill battle and nothing “just worked”. These days… Read more →

Cheap entertainment with a mission

You might be fine with paying $9 for two hours of mediocre entertainment at the movie theater this holiday season (important note: any movie involving “James” or “Bond” is categorically excepted), but some of us are pinching pennies… It seems fitting that I follow-up a post riddled with third-hand information and a multiplicity of latent corrections with something a little… Read more →

live tuneage

Kelly and I headed out to Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on Monday night – saw Sara Barielles, Maroon 5 and Counting Crows. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say it was filled with awesome. The light show on the way home was almost as exciting as the one at the show – the summer’s strongest storms yet… Read more →