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What’s next for Mobile App Stores?

These days, it seems like everybody and their brother is running an app store. What began as closely-controlled walled-gardens of BREW apps for flip phones, curated by mobile carriers charging steep entry fees, grew into Apple’s benchmark term-coiner “app store” and then exploded into a plethora of application delivery platforms. Google’s “Android Market” is hot on Apple’s heels and closing… Read more →

Sometimes, being in the cloud means you get rained on

Most folks have probably seen the commercials: an upper-middle-class family is stuck in some domestic conundrum, then someone raises an eyebrow and exclaims: “To the Cloud!” And soon, thanks to some magical cloud computing wizardry, their suburban snafu is solved. Working “in the cloud” is great for some things – anyone who uses GMail or manages projects on Basecamp will… Read more →

That’ll do!

Not long before I went to work for GM in 2005 – which, as an aside, suddenly seems like it was a long time ago! – my Dad sent me a promotional video for the new Audo R10 diesel-powered LeMans race car. It looked something like this: The first time I watched it – and every time thereafter – I… Read more →

The Potential and The Predicament of QR Codes

Lately, it seems like they’ve been popping up everywhere…friendly little 2-dimensional bar codes called QR Codes have been appearing in advertisements, on billboards, and even on this blog! For those not familiar, QR Codes are a type of bar code that can be read by smartphones – including iPhones, Android handsets and Blackberries. They can contain just about any data… Read more →

Made in the USA

Recently, I ordered a new chair. After sitting in oneĀ in a customer’s newly-outfitted conference room, and noticing how run-down my current office-superstore-brand task chair was becoming, I decided to upgrade. This afternoon, my new coding throne arrived courtesy of UPS, and I eagerly unboxed and set it up. Two 13mm bolts later, I carried the chair into my office and… Read more →

He’s BACK!

Maintaining a blog isn’t always easy or cheap, so it’s understandable that sometimes people leave the blogging scene for a while… But as of this week, one of the blogosphere’s greats (at least in my world) has triumphantly returned! Be sure to visit: Welcome back, Andy! Read more →

AndSpot private beta goes live

Releases can be busy, exciting and sometimes-scary times for software engineers – you’re about to take your creation from the warm comfort of the incubator and expose it to the rigors of new users, new systems and new conditions. It’s also a hopeful time, as I’m sure my friend (and software engineering colleague) Faisal is finding right now as he… Read more →