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5 Ways to Fail at QR Codes

It’s pretty damn cool to see QR codes (finally) skyrocketing in popularity here in the ‘States. I’ve been seeing them all over the place – in magazines, on signs and displays, winking from TV commercials, backing people’s business cards, even on bumper stickers. Unfortunately, as is usually the case as any new technology makes its way into the worlds of… Read more →

When Green Means Tunnel Vision…

(Happy Earth Day everyone…) Occasionally, staunch environmentalists make a good point or two. But in many cases, despite their enthusiasm for the term “sustainability”, they’re just not willing to look at the big picture. Case in point? Greenpeace recently released a scorecard for the “green-ness” of datacenters operated by the world’s cloud computing behemoths. Here it is: “So what’s the… Read more →

Shameless Opinion Blurb…

…that I think we can all agree on: For the last year – including recently, thanks to special a couple of special elections – politicians and their TV and radio ads have been telling us how much trouble New York State is in. Apparently, well over a million people left last year, and from what I hear we’ve got a… Read more →

Mark Dery mind-meld

Rarely, in the gargantuan literary spittoon of the Internet and the “blogosphere”, I find someone who has said something that I really wanted to say, except in far greater form and with a better vocabulary. When it comes to expressing my frustration in web-culture’s obsession with oversharing, Mark Dery might as well have taken a transcript of my occasional, staccato,… Read more →

Use Skype on your Droid … with Wifi!

This morning, the fine folks at Verizon and Skype unleashed their first attempt at an “official” joint-venture application for Skype on smartphones – including Verizon’s Android-powered offerings. Given the anticipation that’s been brewing, installing the newly-released app was the first thing I did after pulling my Droid from its cradle today. Unfortunately, seeing the official Skype Mobile application waiting for… Read more →

The Renaissance of Hobby Electronics

In 1947, the Heathkit company – a formerly-bankrupt aircraft manufacturer – introduced its first electronic kit. The $39.50 oscilloscope became a best seller, a dozen years after the company’s new owners bought Heath for a whopping $300. Back then, hobbyists built ham radios, black-and-white TVs and hi-fi sets from vacuum tubes, soldering fiberglass circuit boards together with glowing guns from… Read more →

Rochester gun buybacks: Did they work?

If you live near a city of just about any size, or manage to take in a newspaper or local newscast on occasion, you’ve probably heard about “gun buybacks”. Operated with the intent to “take dangerous guns off the streets”, they’re an opportunity for politicians to hand out tax dollars (usually in the form of Wal Mart gift certificates or… Read more →